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Financial Assistance

Students in the Ph.D. and Ed.S. programs in school psychology receive financial assistance through departmental assistantships and school-based assistantships. We have typically been able to fund 4-6 students through teaching or research assistantships in the department. All teaching assistantships require a masters degree. We have also funded 10-12 graduate students per year through grants with local school districts. Students in these assistantships perform school psychological services under the direct supervision of program faculty. Given the applied nature of these assistantships, students must be in their second year in the program to qualify for the school-based assistantships.

Both the departmental and school-based assistantships are competitive and students must complete an application if they are interested in either of these positions. Some students have also obtained assistantships outside of the department in other areas including the Dean's Office, Student Support Services, Department of Human Sciences, Child Development and Family Studies Center, Office of Graduate School, and Social Sciences Research Center.

Assistantships range between $17,000 and $20,000 and include a tuition waiver (both in-state and out-of-state tuition) and a monthly stipend ranging from $933.00 to $1200.00 depending on the placement.

Students must be enrolled full-time (i.e., 9 graduate hours) and complete 20 hours per week for each assistantship. For more information regarding university assistantships, please go to the Office of Graduate Studies website at:

In addition to assistantships, students typically apply for financial aid to assist them in meeting the financial demands of graduate school. In order to obtain more information about financial aid, please visit the Office of Financial Aid website at

For the most current information regarding tuition and fees, please visit the Office of Graduate Studies website at or the Account Services website at


Student Association of School Psychologists (SASP) is a student organization consisting of School Psychology graduate students at Mississippi State University. SASP serves as a voice to its faculty and the university in order to address issues and concerns affecting graduate students and to provide leadership opportunities. Members of SASP engage in a variety of social, fundraising, recruiting, and philanthropic events throughout the year, such as 5K runs, bake sales, book and clothing drives, etc.


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